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Body Wash & Shower Gel

Enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing cleansing ritual with our body wash, body oil or silky shower gel.

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Whether you want to wash your day off or start your morning fresh, a good body wash is a staple for any satisfying shower routine. The ideal body wash should be both cleansing and moisturizing, without including any ingredient that may harm your skin on the long-term. While the choice of a body wash or shower gel may not seem like something you should put a lot of thought into, if your skin is sensible or prone to conditions, the product you use can have a big impact on the health of your skin.

[ comfort zone ] includes a wide range of choice of natural body washes and moisturizing shower gels from different product lines. Tranquillity Shower Cream, Oil and Aromasoul Shower Gel are formulas that boast hydrating and nourishing properties while wrapping your mind and body with their delicate, relaxing natural scents.

For sport enthusiasts and active people, Body Active Shower Scrub is the right complement to your post workout routine. With natural exfoliating particles of Black Rice, Green Tea leaves, and Matcha tea, it delicately cleanses and exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and silky. Added bonus: a natural energizing aroma that will revitalize your mind as well as your body.

Lastly, if you care for the wellbeing of the oceans as well as your own, Water Soul Eco Shower Gel is your new favorite body cleanser. A double use formula for both your body and hair that is rich in biodegradable ingredients and free from those considered harmful for the marine environment.

The [ comfort zone ] body washes and shower gels feature silky textures and pleasant, invigorating scents allowing you to feel pampered on a daily basis. Our natural formulas are gentle but effective on your skin, removing all of the dirt and grime without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Choose from the hydrating body washes and moisturizing shower gels based on your preferences. Whether you prefer milky, liquid soaps or thicker, gel-like textures, we have the right product for you to feel clean and pampered.

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