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Body Scrub and Exfoliators

Rediscover your best-looking skin with a natural body scrub or gentle exfoliator that works to slough away dull, dead skin.

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Scrubbing and exfoliating your body is often an overlooked part of a daily skincare routine. However, scrubbing away the layer of dead and dull skin can help you boost the health and appearance of your skin in many ways.

Regularly using a natural body scrub or body exfoliator can actually improve circulation and smooth over those stubborn, dry patches of skin. While some products can be too harsh or abrasive – especially if you deal with sensitive skin-, [ comfort zone ] body scrubs and body exfoliators are gentle but effective, sloughing away dull, dead skin to achieve glowy results.

Adding a body exfoliator into your skincare routine will uncover a youthful glow as you work to remove the layer of dirt and grime that cleansers can’t quite reach. Used regularly a few times each week, scrubs and exfoliators will progressively boost the regeneration and skin turnover, leaving your skin soft and silky.

Body Strategist Peel Scrub is a double action peeling that brings together a mechanical and chemical exfoliating action. With natural Silica particles, Orange peel and 10% Alpha-Polyhydroxy Acids, it provides immediate skin smoothness. Quick and easy to use, is the perfect scrub to be used before jumping into the shower to rinse off. Instead, if you’re looking for a quick, time-saving scrub to be used under the shower to complete your shower routine, look no further than Body Active Shower Gel. Formulated with Black Rice, Green Tea and Matcha it delicately exfoliates the skin while energizing your mind with its invigorating aroma.

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