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sun Soul

Stay protected and safe. Enjoy only the best of the sun. 


Enjoy the sun’s benefits without risking a painful sunburn, dehydrated skin, or wrinkles. SUN SOUL’s anti-aging sunscreen offers SPF protection in a variety of forms.  

From nourishing milks, creamy lotions, and after sun creams, this SUN SOUL has everything you need in the way of sun care. 

Light-weight sun protection, silky after-sun cream, and creamy body milk smoothly and easily absorb into skin.  

You’ll reap the rewards of expertly formulated sun protection without feeling sticky or gooey


The sun ensures very important and essential benefits to our skin and body, such as the production of Vitamin D, absorption of calcium and mood regulation.

However, too much sun can cause irritation and eventually boost aging processes and serious diseases. For this reason, sun exposure with proper caution, such as wearing clothes and protective hats besides the use of SPF, is key to enjoy the sun minus the unnecessary risks.

Active Ingredients

Biometric Peptide DNA-defense and UVA/UVB filters set our anti-aging sunscreen apart from other chemically-laden formulas.
Seaweed and high-end oils boost its moisturizing capabilities and grace Sun Soul with fresh scents. 


Prepare the skin with the TAN MAXIMIZER which stimulates skin’s production of melanin, our natural sun defense. Apply SPF PROTECTION at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. 

After sun exposure, restorative face and body creams hydrate and comfort skin.

Free from silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oil, artificial colorants, SLS and SLES.  

Suitable for vegans. 

Clinically proven efficacy. 

Dermatologically tested. 

Made in Italy with renewable resources. 

Recyclable CO2 compensated packaging. 

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