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[ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card

E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions

 1. Purchasing 

  • [ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card can only be purchased on the website. The E- Gift Card will be sent to the customer via e-mail with all the information needed to use it correctly. 
  • The E-Gift Card is only valid in the UK, and can only be used on
  • The E-Gift Card cannot be used to buy another E-Gift Card.
  • [ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card can only be used to make purchases on E-Gift Cards will not be accepted at [ comfort zone ] spas.
  • The E-Gift Card has no expiration date and can be sent to anyone. Please provide recipient’s e-mail address when placing an order for your digital gift card.
  • You may check the balance of your E-Gift Card in the confirmation e-mail, through Apple Wallet or by contacting Customer Service Team. 


 2. Payment Terms

  • The customer can make payment using the [ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card. For each purchase order the customer can use several E-Gift Cards at the same time, for a total maximum amount of £999.99 (nine hundred and ninety nine/99).    
  • If the amount of your E-Gift Card is not enough to complete the entire transaction amount, you will be prompted to use another payment method such as Credit Card, Apple Pay or Paypal.
  • The E-Gift Card amount cannot be adjusted after the purchase.
  • You may spend the amount of your E-Gift Card for several different purchases in multiple transactions. The amount not spent will remain available on the E-Gift Card. 


 3. Cancelling and Refund Policy

  • The E-Gift Card cannot be converted into cash. 
  • All products purchased can be returned as per regular return policy. For any return inquiries, please refer to FAQ: Orders & Return Policy and contact our Customer Care Team at:
  • If the product purchased was paid for only using the E-Gift Card, the order amount will be provided via store credit and can be used on only. 
  • If your order was paid for partially by the E-Gift Card and partially by another payment method, the amount covered by the E-Gift Card will be provided via store credit and the remaining amount will be refunded to the payment method used at the time of order.

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