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Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Published: March 3, 2022.


Many products on the market bill themselves as being the perfect fit for those with sensitive skin. However, so many different skin types can fall under the umbrella of sensitive skin. Additionally, skin can have bouts of being normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of these. It’s a wild world and we’re just trying to keep our skin looking and feeling it’s healthiest, so keep in mind, the best skin care routine is the one that you’ll actually commit to.

To figure out what type of skin is the norm for you, consult with a dermatologist or esthetician. Additionally, pay attention to how your skin responds to changing conditions and skincare products. It’s key to remember that, while your skin can fluctuate or have bouts of sensitivity, in whatever way your skin presents the majority of the time is the type of skin you have. 

Sensitive skin may be prone to the following:

  • Easily breaking out
  • Inflamed throughout the day or after cleansing
  • Feeling dry or tight after cleansing
  • Flaking or peeling 
  • Breaking out in rashes or redness when exposed to certain things or products
  • Climate-based sensitivities, meaning skin may become sensitive when one is in dry, cold, or hot weather 

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"Sensitive skin is strongly influenced by environment and diet. To prevent redness and itching avoid hot climate and protect from cold ones. Some foods are sensitizing the reactive skin: spicy food, alcohol and diary products."- Monica Poli, [ comfort zone ] Skin Science and Technologies Manager

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Before switching up your skincare routine entirely, it would be helpful to schedule a facial treatment or dermatologist appointment to get skin to its baseline level of health. Once your skin is detoxed from toxic skin care product ingredients, you can reintroduce high-quality, natural products that work with your skin’s new normal. 

Instead of thinking about your skin as a sensitive system that needs constant attention, consider the following:

The skin is its own microbiome that benefits from antioxidants and nutrients. Bacteria on the skin live within its oil barrier. They work to heal injuries and wounds but need antioxidants and nutrients to thrive. 

The skin can’t perform it’s necessary, daily functions without antioxidants and nutrients that feed the microbiome. When we wash with synthetic ingredients and harsh soaps, the oil and bacteria that keep our skin healthy is stripped away. 

Getting an adequate night’s sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy foods is a wonderful way to foster a healthy foundation. These habits are anti-inflammatory in nature and cater to a healthy existence for the entire body.

Using natural products bolters the skin’s natural ability to heal, hydrate, and defend itself. 


Once you’ve determined that you have sensitive skin, check out the following cleansers, toners, and moisturizers you can use upon waking to prep your skin for the day. Remember, don’t attack dry skin or smother it. Go slow and be cognizant of your skin needs. 


To remove excess sebum that builds up overnight and prime the face to receive makeup and SPF, wash with a gentle yet effective face cleanser. 

Essential Face Wash Foam Cleanser. Made with betanin, this creamy face wash easily picks up impurities and ferries them away with a splash of warm water. Your face will feel clean and hydrated.  


An important step in every morning skin care routine, toning comes in clutch when prepping the skin for makeup and keeping it hydrated, healthy, and bright. 

Essential Toner. This alcohol-free and fragrance-free toner works wonders for sensitive skin. Made with niacinamide, the Essential Toner removes leftover sweat and grime without zapping the skin of all its moisture.

Boost or serum

Both boosters and serums have the ability to increase the efficacy of other products, including moisturizers and masks. Choosing boosters or serums that are targeted to your skincare needs can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin.

Hydramemory Serum. Biomimetic peptides of hyaluronic acid absorb additional moisture and deliver it to thirsty skin cells. The sorbet-like texture is soothing and supple

Remedy Serum. Made with marula oil, this soothing, fortifying serum has a light-weight texture that is non comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. Additionally, it can help reduce the appearances of blemishes and dark spots.


To really seal in moisture, apply a hydrating face cream after cleansing, toning, and boosting. Those with sensitive skin should never skip this step as it’s crucial in keeping the natural facial barrier intact.

Remedy Cream. This delicate cream uses natural-origin prebiotic and marula oil to reinforce the skin’s defense system.

Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 to SPF 50

A huge step in the skincare game is protecting it from harmful UV rays that promote dryness and aging. Mineral sunscreens containing zinc oxide can be especially powerful when spending long hours in direct sun. 

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Your evening skincare routine might vary from the morning based on your specific daily skincare practices. Consider introducing more powerful products in the evening to remove makeup, thick sunscreen, or excess sebum built up throughout the day.

Remove makeup and sunscreen

A good deal of makeup removers use heavy oils to wash away stubborn, water-resistant eyeliner, concealer, or lip color. These can be extremely harsh for sensitive skin types. 

Essential Micellar Water. Our micellar water is fresh, light, and delicate yet works wonders at removing even the most stubborn of makeup. It also acts as a great mental refresh at the end of a long day as you transition from work to play. 


Probably the most important rule of the skincare game is washing your face before bedtime. The skin collects so much dust, dirt, and dead skin cells build up throughout the day. Going to sleep with a full face of grime on is a big no-no. However, cleansing doesn’t have to feel like a chore

Essential Cleansing Milk. This milk-based cleanser offers a gentle solution for sensitive skinned individuals who often feel tight, irritated, or itchy after washing with a foaming or soapy wash. 


Contrary to popular belief, toning with a high quality product doesn’t strip the skin but instead reintroduces necessary moisture. 

Remedy Toner. Formulated with natural origin prebiotic, this delicate facial toner was crafted with sensitive skin in mind. Those prone to redness or rashes can rest easy that this toner won’t further irritate sensitive skin.

Boost or serum

If you skipped boosting or applying a serum in the morning, definitely don’t miss the opportunity to introduce one into your nighttime routine. Vitamin C serums, retinol boosters, and similar products really can speed up the time it takes to achieve your skincare goals.

/skin regimen/ Tulsi Booster. Protective and nourishing oil made with the sacred Indian herb, Tulsi, this silky formulation goes on smoothly and quickly absorbs into skin, fostering a radiant complexion.


No matter what type of skin you have, moisturizing before bed prevents premature aging while combating current signs of aging

Remedy Defense Cream. This supple, thick formula quickly absorbs into thirsty skin, quenching even the driest of faces. Great for those living in harsh winter climates or wading through a particularly testy time with their skin, this defense cream gives skin the hydration and nutrients it needs to refresh during the night. 

ESSENTIAL Cleansing Milk


ESSENTIAL Micellar Water


REMEDY Defense Cream



Add in some weekly or monthly tactics to bolster your skincare game and achieve goals faster. Consider introducing a spa treatment, like an oxygen facial, or trying some DIY efforts from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Peeling Mask

Essential Peeling Mask. Similar to a chemical peel only without the downtime, this ultra effective exfoliating product sloughs away dead skin, leaving a brighter, glowing complexion in its wake. 

Use aloe, vitamin E, or even chamomile tea

Fans of DIY remedies can use these ingredients when making masks, creams, or wraps. Each of these is soothing yet mild enough for acne-prone skin. 


Sensitive skin may take a little extra care but it’s possible to create a routine that sets skin up for success. Start by choosing high quality products made with natural and organic ingredients, just like ones made by [ comfort zone ]. We never test on animals, use recycled packaging, and ensure that our methods are gentle on the environment. There’s no better choice for your skin or the planet. 

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