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Candles & Home Scents

Promote calm, tranquil vibes at home with an aromacology candle or room spray that infuses the air with bright, pleasant aroma.

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Candles and home scents are one of the best ways to create a peaceful and tranquil environment in the comfort of your own home. Skincare and selfcare are not just about what you put on your skin, but rather how you can incorporate more holistic wellness practices into your everyday life. Promoting healthy and relaxing pratices in your routine is an enormous part of feeling better and less stressed, which can encourage healthier, more vibrant looking skin as well. Aromatherapy is a tried and tested method of creating a sense of wellbeing and relaxation through the use of aromas, which can be contained in candles and room spray, to promote good feelings in body, mind and spirit. The practice has been used for centuries, with ancient cultures in China, India, and Egypt using aromatic plant components in resins, balms, and oil for physical and psychological health. [ comfort zone ] helps you find the peace and relax you need with aromatherapy candles, room sprays and fragrance diffusers. Perfect for creating a calm, spiritual environment, our products contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing thanks to the essential oils contained within their formulas. With a relaxing blend of Sweet Orange, Damascus Rose and Cedarwood essential oils, our iconic Tranquillity fragrance will help you find moments of deep wellness and wellbeing, countering stress throughout the day as well as before bedtime. Choose among our Candle, Spray and Home Fragrance to find the best complement to your space. For a zestier and fresher aroma, our Aromasoul line contains sparky, citrusy hints evocative of the beneficial energy of the Mediterranean Sea. Formulated with lemon, juniper, sage and geranium, Aromasoul is available in candle and spray format to help your mind wander. Discover our selection of aromatherapic candles and fragrances to help you feeling healthier, more relax and balanced.

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